10: Doris v Morris


In the final episode of what we’ve now decided is our first season we shoot the breeze about Jawbreaker’s return, Fugazi’s best gig, Scott Walker’s passing, John Mulvaney’s cheeky side, the secret parentage of Aussie synthpunks Nun, and explain why we’ve been so busy. We also encourage you to donate equipment to Girls Rock.

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7: It’s The End Of The Year As We Know It..

Yep, it’s the least wonderful time of the year – the time where everyone feels the urge to throw their lists of what their favourite records of the year were  and hey,we’re no different..and so we present to you our 10 collective favourite albums of the year. Sort of.

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Welcome friends to the first Grump Up The Volume Halloween Extravaganza! Join Jamie and Bushie at a haunted house party as we unleash ten tracks of terpsichorean terror for your entertainment. A collection of blood curdling curios  and witching hour winners from the darkest corners of our musical attics, with the usual absolute bullshit thrown in between. Read on if you dare..

5000FingersOfDrT 40


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