A quick heads up – as mentioned in the last episode JG transmits international ugly sounds once a month under the tag Destroyed Human radio – here’s the latest episode!

Just over an hour of noise rock, death metal, grindcore, industrial and experimental heavy music…more info here

S2 E3: Jamie vs. Amies


Awakening from our seasonal hibernation, the Grumps reconvene to discuss the golden era of alternative music on television via the pivotal work of Snub TV, Alternative Nation and The Word in getting underground sounds into suburban Irish homes.




Our Local Music Recommendations:

Dragons Doyle


Friyay 13

Venus Sleeps

Personal Projects:


Destroyed Human Radio
















And a hint of what’s to come from Mr. Amies- you can find more info at


8: A Way With Headwear

Yeeeeah, we’re a month late but better late than never. The first episode of 2019 sees us delving into the world of fictional bands and musicians from our favourite 80s and 90s “youth entertainment” TV shows. From a guitar playing werewolf to a ginger haired pre-teen rapper, we present to you some of the formative musical inspirations from our youth. Which is a long winded way of saying “Bushie finally got to talk about Joey Jeremiah”


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Welcome friends to the first Grump Up The Volume Halloween Extravaganza! Join Jamie and Bushie at a haunted house party as we unleash ten tracks of terpsichorean terror for your entertainment. A collection of blood curdling curios  and witching hour winners from the darkest corners of our musical attics, with the usual absolute bullshit thrown in between. Read on if you dare..

5000FingersOfDrT 40


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