3: Thank You Mr. Branca

Nope, we’re not lampooning anyone (well, bar John Cage) in this episode. This time around we pay our respects to the late great Glenn Branca,and discuss both his own work and his place in the wider scheme of things. The original plan was a family tree but really, it’s more of a bird’s nest, taking in Theatre, Guitar Composition, Neutral Records, the Brian Eno/Mr Burns parallell, and Waterford’s top teenage Sonic Youth based dance routine.


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2: Puberty Rock

We nearly missed our own deadline because editing is hell, but here it is! Episode 2 involves a brief dive into the dayglo whirlpool that was Funk metal. Prepare for tales of Bushie’s weird research techniques, Jamie’s love of MTV ballads, EMF’s love of Faith No More, living excrement, Pauly Shore, Cameo and our secret teenage band shame.


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1: Flame Retardant Drug Hair

In the first episode, we take a whistle stop tour through some of the horrendous results of 80s hardcore punk bands opting to move into more Rock N’Roll territory. From Boston straightedgers embracing Pub Rock to an English record so bad neither of us have ever been able to listen to it from start to finish, by way of flame retardent drug hair, John Farnham and a 1920’s 9-11…

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