Grump FINAL2Bushie and Jamie are two  Dublin based nerds that have been friends for two decades, ever since Bushie showed up to apologise  in person when the rest of the band he was in at the time  decided they couldn’t be fuckered playing a gig Jamie was putting on for them in his home town. They’ve both played in bands, worked in record shops, done zines, run DIY labels, booked tours, and all the other things geeks who value Black Flag over having money usually do.

But mostly, they’ve spent an inordinate amount of time hanging out together arguing about things like wether Lawnmower Death were better than Old Lady Drivers, if Slint was actually a real word or just made up , wether or not Kid Congo Powers might be immortal , and what the fuck was going on with people in the 90s that made us all think Heartattack zine was a thing to take seriously.

Now, like other aging men-children who’ve seen “High Fidelity” a bunch of times and found themselves going “Yep, I’ve got that Panthro United UK 13 record Jack Black is waving around too”, they’ve channeled their joint lifelong love of loud shouty music and being a real life Waldorf and Statler into that final frontier of next level self indulgence: Podcasting !

Andrew is a sharp dressed man with a heart of gold and the hips of a snake, who lives in a bunker made from thousands of illicitly obtained VHS tapes of 70s exploitation films and roofed with the sleeves of Devo bootlegs . A drummer, sadly, he currently mans the traps for Dublin based popsters Weird Feelings   among other projects. His favourite song of all time is  “Everybody Wants Something” by The Zit Remedy.

Jamie once woke up in a giant garbage bag in a stranger’s house in England after seeing a bunch of Swedish hardcore bands play a gig he doesn’t actually remember.  He plays guitar and shouts in Electricals, provides instrumental noodling as Otterans and occasionally writes things and puts up mixtapes online. His favourite song of all time is “You’re The One That’s Out Of this World” by ALF.

Their good buddy Peter McNally Jnr kindly provided the staggeringly life like portrait used on this here page. Peter’s like a real life Howard Moon, if Howard Moon liked the Flaming Lips and Jawbreaker instead of Weather Report. He’s nice. You’d like him.