Bushie & Jamie are joined by Peter McNally of Electricals to discuss “Mutations“, the excellent new book by author, dancer and all round hardcore legend Sam McPheeters.

We’re back for another Skype aided episode – so please excuse the glitchy sound on this episode, we’re not quite ready to do these in person again just yet. Is McPheeters the future Henry Rollins or the past Lou Ferrigno? Is Holly Valance’s husband going to survive the wrath of Liam Neeson? Are Discharge really that good? And is Harley Flanagan the Real Cro Mag? Join us for all this and more

We heartily encourage you to buy this book by the way (which you can get in many places including here , here or here if your local independent bookshop doesn’t have a copy). Because it’s fucking perfect.

We also recommend music from BODYDRINKERS, SIGOURNEY, BACTERIUM and Roxy Music in this episode

And now..videos!!

Bushie’s favourite Men’s Recovery Project song:


The Man Himself pt1:

The Man Himself pt 2:

That BA v SOIA debate in full:

That Holly Valance video:

Born Against Live:

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