Hello my little shower of shit! While the epidemic has temporarily forced the cogs of the Grump machine to halt (ie: while we’re trying to figure how to do this thing from two different locations), we thgouth we’d give you a little something to keep you entertained. And so behold..THE GRUMP SONG CHALLENGE and a new episode of J’s “Destroyed Human” show

Negative Image_c7c10fc4-ad51-462c-a9ac-7ddefd38c962

As any of you who use Instragram will have seen, a 31 day song challenge has been doing the rounds there since the dawn of lockdown. However, as any of you who’ve seen or done it will now, it quickly becomes a repetetive exercise where it’s basically the same two or three questions seemingly rephrased. In response, we offer you this hastily assembled rebuttal that you can do instead. Let’s over look the fact we accidentally asked the same question twice eh? So if you want to play along, tag us on the gram at @grumpupthevolume and post one question per day. Feel free to spread the word or use elsewhere if you’re a non Grammer (like Bushie)

Also, those of you starved of fresh new shouty sounds and J’s golden tonsils will be relatively underwhelmed to know a new Destroyed Human Radio is over on the Destroyed Human Radio page right now.


Stay safe. Stay home. Stay Grumpy.

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