Welcome back fellow spooks as we launch Season 2 with our second Halloween Hoedown! We also briefly hit on the Banana Splits movie, the secret history behind a Goth -lite movie musician, and call out the entire Irish metal scene for being Motley Crue loving posers..all before revealing a sinister twist that will leave you reaching for the phone to call your local exorcist. Oh also we have the best guest cameo ever. EVER. Read on for more.

After a quick intro from our hero DAVID FUCKING YOW we run through ten terrifying(ly daft) horror movie hit songs from the Grumpen Crypt to liven up your Hallow’s Eve.




As is now traditional we’ve compiled these blood chilling bop-a-thon into a handy Mix for you to play in the background as you sacrifice your annoying neighbor to the Dark Ones.

And as for other our Halloween picks..



Pick the Mephitic Corpse demo up from Headsplit in the US and Extremely Rotten in Europe


And pick up the full OST by Mark Coven or listen on Spotify

(oh PS: we used snippets of Rocket From The Crypt’s “I Drink Blood” as our Halloween theme song…please don’t sue us Speedo)


ALSO: Clash of the Titans


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