In the final episode of what we’ve now decided is our first season we shoot the breeze about Jawbreaker’s return, Fugazi’s best gig, Scott Walker’s passing, John Mulvaney’s cheeky side, the secret parentage of Aussie synthpunks Nun, and explain why we’ve been so busy. We also encourage you to donate equipment to Girls Rock.

Here’s an accompanying playlist of (mostly) some of the music we discuss

Some visual aids:

Messthetics in Dublin

Jawbreaker in London

Fugazi in Kilkenny

John Mulvaney’s excellent “Fractured” series – full disclosure we’re both featured (Bushie with Yurt and Jamie with Vircolac)

Cool Scott Walker BBC feature from the release of “Tilt”

A snippet of Pola X


Laura Branagan’s daughter


Morris Day being Morris Day

A Shaw Brothers Horror trailer

Girls Rock Dublin (Check out Jamie’s daughter busting some Madchester moves behind the keyboard at 0:04)


Vile Sermon on Bandcamp


Oh before I forget..OUR BANDS!!!

ELECTRICALS on Instagram and OTTERANS on WordPress

YURT on Bandcamp and WEIRD FEELINGS on Instagram

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