We delve into Jonas Akerlund’s “truth and lies” movie of the black metal’s most famous doomed bromance.


One of us had seen this film already, one of us was made to watch it and then had to talk about it pretty much straight away in order to capture their first impression. Bushie issues a trigger warning, Jamie ruminates on a potential film franchise, we purposely avoid discussing the real life history of the personalities in the film with one notable exception… and we somehow manage to get David Yow in there along the way (natch). Along with THAT laugh which you can gasp in horror at in this clip

Folks in Dublin wishing to see Lords Of Chaos on a big screen might also just want to take note that there’s a screening in the Lighthouse Cinema on March 29th.

As per our new year’s resolution we also assembled the next in our series of playlists for you all, this time themed around the scene that the film is loosely based on, featuring some music by those portrayed in the film, some  personal favourite proto black metal bangers from the mid to late 80s, and a couple of ambient nuggets from artists who influenced the atmospheric end of the genre. No fun/No trend/No mosh/No further explanation necessary.

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