We nearly missed our own deadline because editing is hell, but here it is! Episode 2 involves a brief dive into the dayglo whirlpool that was Funk metal. Prepare for tales of Bushie’s weird research techniques, Jamie’s love of MTV ballads, EMF’s love of Faith No More, living excrement, Pauly Shore, Cameo and our secret teenage band shame.



    • Yes, we know, we missed out both Primus and Mr Bungle which are probably the two bands that many of you will be surprised about. Basically: we’d be here all day if we got into either of these two, but given both mutated into something very different very quickly that kind of defied description (suffice to say The Residents have a lot to answer for) sanity prevailed. Nobody needs to hear the four hour ramble this episode could have been if we’d gone there.
    • Bushie’s theories about the Funkification of Noise Records and Mordred’s alternate Renaissance Fair/Medieval Knights identity sadly still remain unproven no matter how much googling we do. But they were too funny not to leave in. It’s fine, I’m making him a tin foil hat right now.
    • Further to Jamie’s crackpot theory about Robert Palmer being the grandaddy of it all, this article by Jeff Giles  briefly touches on our beloved “Flesh Wound” in the “Riptide” section as well as making a case for “Heavy Nova” delving into similar territory (though we haven’t heard it so we can’t comment)Let’s also not forget The Power Station which was also Capn’ P’s further rock/funk crossover with folks from Duran Duran and Chic. Or Jamie’s lethal karaoke version of “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On” which thankfully no recorded evidence of exists. Oh by the way, here’s that Husker Du cover he did
    • True to form, we stuck to things we weren’t crazy about this time. We do however mention 24-7 Spyz as one of the better examples of the genre and you really should check out “Gumbo Millenium”. However, they were also responsible for this terrible Kool and The Gang cover which is both a low point in an otherwise fine catalogue, and further proof of the woejaysus but mercifully short lived trend of novelty covers that the funk metal explosion engendered.
    • Which reminds me, that Mordred cover of “Superfreak” we mention. Listening back to this we were harsh on Mordred but having to listen to “In This Life” for a week solid kinda broke us. Sorry Mordred.
    • Sadly at the time of release, we’ve still been unable to unearth any recordings of either TestAKill or Menstrual Discharge. Probably for the best really. I can only imagine what would have happened if we’d been living in the same city in 1991 and both bands had amalgamated.
    • Subsequent to our brief mention of Acid Reign (it’s actually “Codes of Conformity” and not “My Open Mind” that was their funk jam), Death Angel and Sacred Reich, imagine my horror when I realised just this morning that the otherwise mighty Exhorder also briefly experimented with Slap Bass on their second album “The Law”. They were still hard as nails though.
    • Here’s the Andrew Falkous Quote about FNM we end with from The Quietus

A playlist of some of the music we discuss in this episode:

Brace yourself

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