In the first episode, we take a whistle stop tour through some of the horrendous results of 80s hardcore punk bands opting to move into more Rock N’Roll territory. From Boston straightedgers embracing Pub Rock to an English record so bad neither of us have ever been able to listen to it from start to finish, by way of flame retardent drug hair, John Farnham and a 1920’s 9-11…



1)  Jamie had about 2 hours sleep before recording this so the good SSD record he refers to with the cover of “No Reply” on it is in fact their “Get It Away” 12″ and NOT “Break It Up”.

2) Speaking of “Break it Up”, here’s the cover art in it’s full glory


3) PLEASE read this article about Discharge’s whole insane fall from grace. It was reading this that pretty much kickstarted the whole idea for this episode, and the podcast generally. it also has a recording of the sheer rage audiences met them with at the timeRules of the Tribe by Chris A. Smith

4) This article covers a lot of similar ground to this episode
When Hardcore Bands Went Rock by Carlos Ramirez

5) An interview with TSOL from 1988, roughly the “Hit and Run” era that we’re so angry about: We’re Not That Punk Band Any More by Mike Boehm (LA Times)  

6) Animal from ANL on the “Perfect Crime” era:

“Well it was a point where we were all spaced out I suppose, washed up with nowhere to go in a way. We’d been selling millions of albums but we were still skint. The record company was keeping us skint so all of a sudden we suddenly thought wow, new wave thing that’s where the money is. We did a silly thing, we started thinking that we were new wave. Bad bad move. Lemmy from Motorhead said to me “Your album’s shit!” I mean we were mates Lemmy and I and I said what do you reckon of the new album? He said “It’s shit isn’t it, fucking shit! You never used to be but you’re fucking shit aren’t you now.” Thing is he was right. So we did that and then wondered why we had nowhere to go. Where as Motorhead have stuck where they stuck, the Ramones stuck where they stuck and everybody else stuck where they were we decided that we were gonna head for the money. But it got very boring and very stale very quickly and I didn’t realise that. The punk side was so exciting but we ended up being boring, that’s why we quit. After that we just quit.”

       – from an interview with Matt Phelps of in 2010 (full article here)

A playlist of some of the music we mention on this episode:

Brace yourself.

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